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Are rated at 9 different levels. No matter what you or your horses ability, YOU can RANCH SORT.


  • RSNC contestants will be rated from a #1 Beginner to a #9 based on their ability level. Classifications of #1 are Beginners, #2 are Rookies, #3 and #4 are for participants of Novice ability, classifications of #5 and #6 are for amateur
    participants and classifications of #7, #8 and #9 are for Open or Professional participants.
  • The Performance Rating Organization rating system will be used as a tool to change all ratings of all participants.
  • The purpose of the classification system is to provide participants with a handicap system, which will allow participants from throughout the country the opportunity to compete against those of similar skills.
  • A Beginner is defined as a #1 rated RSNC contestant who has won less than 3 average checks in RSNC events. A Beginner does not need to become a member for 3 checks the 1st year to ride in the Beginners class (Ranch Hand Sort Beginner Handicap). To ride in all other divisions, a Beginner must have a current RSNC membership. This is an introductory trial for a Beginner into the sport of ranch sorting. Day pass rules do not apply if the rider is a Beginner.
  • The #2 Rookie rating is only for participants that have NEVER been rated higher than a #1 in any penning or sorting organization and who have won less than $1000 in RSNC events starting in January 2007.



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"Let's Sort!... Preserving Ranching Lifestyle, One Sort At A Time. The Time Is Now."


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